Thursday, September 12, 2013

Beginning of The School Year

This year, school isn't as bad as I used to make it seem last year. I've met quiet some nice, decent kids this year. I've actually become really, really, fond of a few of them but I still have to find people that are similar to me. I still haven't found a single person in the school that's like me. Very strange since it's a huge school. 
I;m okay with the fact that I'm different from everyone else but I want to meet some interesting, creative people. I am tired of narrow minded people. Seriously, it's getting on my nerves.
But anyways, I found this really cute blonde guy today coming out of a room next to my french class and he must have been a freshman because he looked so lost, trying to find his way. He's such a cutie pie. Sad thing I don't have lunch with him. It would be nice if I did.
And it would be nice if I knew more juniors but most of the juniors I find, aren't too decent. Well, that's about it for the beginning of the year. I probably should be talking about my classes and teachers, and how my teachers gave me TONS of homework but fortunately, that did not happen. 
But I'll be honest here reader, I like homework. Depends on the homework though. Too much homework, no bueno. But I'm a nerd so I like doing my homework - faire les devoirs. I have to catch up on my french. I have forgotten almost everything. But I might still be one of my teacher's best students. 
This year, I'll be amazing. I will do MUCH better than last year and be the perfect student ever. Sometimes I wish I was my dutch friend. It's easy for her. She's a natural smart alec. Beautiful too and very funny. She has all the qualities that a girl would want. And to be honest, I've always been a bit jealous of her. Of course, we've all been jealous of at least one person.

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